Adult students develop community leadership

Adult literacy students across California are participating in ALLI, the Adult Literacy Leadership Institute, sponsored by the California State Library.  ALLI is completely peer led, with the prior year’s participants leading the sessions for a new class. The ALLI learners have undertaken advocacy for literacy, created educational videos in Spanish and English about voting and community involvement, led voting workshops and stepped out in their communities.

These are busy men and women, working jobs, supporting families and extended families and squeezing in class and tutor time to build their reading, writing and language skills.  Yet they are also active in their communities, volunteering in many settings, helping at local schools,  speaking out to help others.

“If I could volunteer 24/7, I would. You get to find out who you are.”  – Larry Washington, ALLI learner


Check out all four new videos from the ALLI team:

  • Get Involved in Your Community
  • Volunteer at Your Local School
  • Speak Out for Literacy
  • ALLI:  Learners Becoming Leaders
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