Angeles Arrien — beloved cross-cultural teacher and mentor to thousands — passed away on April 24th. I was one of the many thousands of people she touched deeply through her books, workshops and recordings. For years she embodied the wisdom she shared so generously, but it still seems tragic that she passed at the age of 74.

Instead of a memorial service, Angeles asked that we light a candle on the 24th of each month to think of her. This modest post is my candle for May.

The cornerstone of her teachings can be found in her seminal book: Four Fold Way:  Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary.  Published in 1993, the enduring truths she distilled from studying multiple indigenous cultures has been integral to our work at Common Knowledge. With the help of some experienced colleagues, we developed an article Building Community Capacity with the Four Fold Way to help conveners and facilitators put Angeles’ central teachings of the Four Fold Way into practice in their communities.  We’d appreciate your thoughts about how the specific suggestions for community dialogue relate to your work.  Or, you can just take a moment to contemplate how these enduring principles can support you in building authentic connection with self and other:

Show Up, Choose to be Present

Follow What Has Heart and Meaning

Tell The Truth Without Blame or Judgment

Be Open to Outcome, Not Attached to Outcome

While we already miss Angeles terribly, we want to confirm that her legacy lives on in our individual and collective efforts to build community. You may want to read this beautiful tribute from her frequent teaching partner Patrick O’Neill.  And, if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can let you know about the gathering planned for June 24th.