With California voters already beginning to receive their ballots by mail, many people have questions about this year’s election. The Easy Voter Guide is here to help. Designed for busy voters as well as new voters, the guide is a nonpartisan starting point to get oriented about changes in how to vote in the Nov. 3 election, along with easy-to-read explanations for each of the 12 state propositions. This edition also includes a special focus on how various types of local elected officials relate to public interest in social justice issues.

Each election cycle, Common Knowledge has the privilege of working with the League of Women Voters of California’s nonpartisan Education Fund and the California State Library to produce the guide. Since its creation 1994, the Easy Voter Guide has been an example of community-driven design. Adult students and graduates from library-based literacy programs help ensure that the guide is accessible and clear for all California voters. Despite challenges posed by COVID-19, which required the community review process to happen via Zoom, this year’s guide provides everything voters need to know to make sure their ballot is counted.

To download a PDF copy of this year’s guide in five languages, visit EasyVoter.org. You can also learn learn more about the unexpected insights that led to the Easy Voter Guide and companion Key to Community Project, by checking out our post on the practice of community-driven design. To see the power of new perspectives in designing ways to increase civic participation and community engagement, visit the relaunch of KeytoCommunity.org.