About Common Knowledge

Under the leadership of Susan Clark, Common Knowledge has assembled skilled community and civic engagement practitioners from a mix of disciplines dedicated to culturally competent communications and collaborative process. Our work is done through a mix of carefully selected client projects and grant-funded programs – all contributing to our ability to deliver more inclusive and innovative approaches to community capacity and well-being.

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  • Group of young people at community conversation
  • African American Man and White Adult Man discussing Voting
  • Colorful Mandala made at a Workshop
  • Four Women at Adult Student Leadership Workshop
  • Key to Community diagram
  • Students and teachers at West Marin farm

Who We Are

The mission of Common Knowledge is to develop breakthrough civic, community, and employee engagement programs that bring different parts of communities together to jointly define and act on shared goals.
We believe that now more than ever we need the experience, insights, and energy that is waiting to be tapped in all segments of our organizations and communities. Inclusive collaboration is the path to collective well being.
We put our faith in the power of culturally competent dialogue and community-driven design to discover solutions and uncover talent hidden in plain sight. We adapt the principles of high performing teams to help develop high performing communities.
What our clients and partners are saying…
“Common Knowledge has a sophisticated understanding of how to bring in new voices and reframe the toughest issues.”
Cynthia Murray, CEO, North Bay Leadership Council
“Common Knowledge makes complex information accessible to all kinds of audiences.”
Sarah Henry, Public Information Officer, City of Alameda
“Common Knowledge brings a lot of integrity and heart to their
work with communities. They really care and it shows.”
John Zickefoose, Board Member, Corona-Norco Unified School District
“The Easy Voter Guide turned out to be more popular than they ever dreamed…Simpler is not only shorter – it’s better.”
Charles Osgood, CBS Radio
“Common Knowledge understands the complexity of each community and individual. They are able to make connections and see the talents that others may not see.”
Dr. JuanCarlos Arauz, Founding Executive Director, E3: Education, Excellence & Equity


We are deeply grateful to the following long-term clients and relationships that provide Common Knowledge with friendly “testing grounds” for community engagement and/or are collaborators in reflection about our work.