Get better results with effective community engagement.

The complex issues facing our society, economy and environment need all of the expertise, insights and energy waiting to be tapped in our organizations and communities. Effective community engagement creates the kind of listening together and learning together that opens up new paths to sustainable solutions for complicated problems. We adapt the principles of high performing teams for high performing communities.

  • Young Hispanic Woman in Tie dye shirt
  • City manager standing and listening to people at table talk
  • 3. Women taking about survey at outdoor health fair
  • Large meeting with people at round tables
  • Father and son talk to a volunteer at the library
  • Adult students being filmed while they talk about how they volunteer

Positive community engagement leads to more positive impact.

For some organizations, community engagement is something they reluctantly “have to do.” For others, it is an optional “nice to do.” What if you could do it so well that the results made you want to keep doing it? That’s where we come in.


Reach the people you think can't be reached.
We facilitated a team of adult students that developed and led the nonpartisan Key to Community Project that doubled voting turnout among those least likely to vote. The project’s Easy Voter Guide has become a staple of nonpartisan voter education in California.


Reframe debilitating debates into constructive conversations.
A group of city managers in San Mateo County were finding it difficult to have constructive community dialogue about sharing services between jurisdictions. We designed and facilitated a process that created the conditions for a more informed exchange of perspectives.


Discover the talent and resources that are hidden in plain sight.
Many underemployed adults have valuable skills that are not captured by formal credentials. We partnered with adult students to pilot The New Resume Project that makes relevant experience more visible to employers as well as the employees themselves.


Leverage your investments in community relationships.
We helped PayPal pilot a professional development and community engagement program, the Small Business Challenge, that has now expanded internationally.  Employees build team skills and customer centricity while helping their communities.

Understand the Social Eco-System of Your Community

  • Community research via surveys, focus groups, field interviews
  • Community discovery, landscape and network analysis
  • Design and facilitation of in person and online community conversations

Increase Your Capacity to Communicate for Engagement

  • Customized training in culturally responsive information design
  • Employee engagement programs that build community understanding
  • Tracking and evaluating community activity and engagement

Expand Your Collaborations for Shared Momentum

  • Design and facilitation of collaborative learning communities
  • Forming multi-sector partnerships based on shared “situational awareness”
  • Creative community gatherings that surface new energies