Community-Driven Design.

Human Centered Design is a great way to design and deliver products, programs and services.  But for many situations, the issue is beyond the “unit of human” and is instead found at the level of community.

Common Knowledge has pioneered a “community-driven design” process that places community members at the center, from initial project development through evaluation.  This process goes beyond traditional focus groups or advisory boards. It grounds each aspect of planning, implementation and communication in the realities, insights and strengths of the relevant community and social ecosystem. We work with front line employees, diverse community members, and whoever is at the heart of the situation to unlock their perspectives and talents to set and achieve shared goals and visions.

Using peer-designed content and workshops, Project Money developed a successful financial education program that increased understanding of whether and how to use credit.

Over the years we’ve debunked the apathy myth, the “urgency from emergency” myth, and are on our way to changing perceptions about the “scarcity” myth.  Common Knowledge is a mission-driven consultancy and an action research organization.  A carefully selected mix of client projects and grant-funded programs keep honing our ability to deliver more inclusive and innovative approaches to community capacity and well being. We share our findings in presentations, trainings and in our blog.